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Spelt pillow
Spelt pillow

Spelt pillow M - 25x30cm

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Spelt pillow with pillowcase in rose design


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Spelt pillow with pillowcase in rose design, M - 25 x 30cm

A spelt pillow is very versatile. Whether for sleeping or as a grain pillow for heat and cold treatment: spelt pillows are an ecological alternative to hot water bottles or pads, are free of plastics and plasticizers and can be produced ecologically sustainable.

Spelt pillows cannot be heated or cooled down as extremely as the well-known alternatives. This also makes them particularly suitable for babies and children. Adults also have less risk of burns and skin irritation.

Our pillows are also suitable for restful sleep and are especially recommended for night sweats. They are permeable to air and thus regulate moisture, absorbing it at night and releasing it during the day.

Due to the firmness of the spelt husk, it always straightens up, a massage effect is created, which has a positive effect on the spine and muscles.

Positive effects of warm spelt pillow: it can relieve tension, warms in case of cramps in the gastrointestinal tract or ears. Spelt pillows are also beneficial for aching limbs during the cold season.

Positive effects of cold spelt pillows: Cool spelt pillow works especially well for bruises or sprains. The pillow easily adapts to the body and is therefore a pleasant support.

Warm spelt pillow: To use the warm pillow, it must first be warmed in the oven or on the heater. It should be in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for ten minutes or put on the heater for some time.

Cool down the spelt pillow: The spelt pillow should be placed in an icebox, packed in a freezer bag.

Due to the firmness of the spelt husk, it always straightens up, a massage effect is created, which has a positive effect on the spine and muscles.

Cleaning and care

Our pillows are provided with a pillowcase, which can be washed at 60°C at any time if necessary. The spelt pillows themselves should be regularly aired out after use or warmed up on the heater. Also, laying them out in the sun, helps to drive away the moisture. In addition, the spelt refuels the energy.

Our spelt pillows consist of a pillow ticking (100% cotton Oeko-Tex standard). They are filled with spelt chaff (demeter, organic farming).


Our spelt chaff comes from German Demeter organic certified and controlled cultivation. It is double cleaned and dusted and therefore meets all the high quality criteria for a natural product for daily and nightly use.

Our matching pillowcases are made of 100% cotton (Oeko-Tex Standard).

Decorative items are not included in the scope of services.


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