From an order value of 65,00 €, we deliver shipments to foreign countries free of cost.

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About us

(1)More and more often we see alarming reports in the media about plastic islands in the oceans and hear about microplastics in our bodies. Not only in the media environmental protection and sustainability are discussed, also within our family many discussions took place.

(2)Inspired by our children, 2 of them already young adults, we try to integrate more sustainability into our everyday life. The desire, especially of the younger generation and families with children, to actively do something for the ecosystem of our earth, strengthened our resolve and we founded our company Bee PlaNa in Obertaufkirchen in early 2020.

Our motivation

(1)We want to make it possible for our children to live in an environment that is treated with care. With a view to the healthy preservation of nature, we want to create a way to avoid plastic waste, use sustainable and regional products and thus contribute to a better environmental balance, especially in terms of clean oceans and climate protection.

(2)We want to make people rethink with our sustainable products and offer you alternatives to plastic, microplastic and aluminum. Even though we are aware that our share in a vision without plastic is very small, we are convinced that by implementing our ideas we can inspire many more fellow human beings to rethink. The idea of sustainability and the possibility of being able to offer products that provide plastic-free and sustainable alternatives excited us from the beginning.

(3)Our products are not a new invention, but have been completely forgotten by many. We want to make them affordable for the majority of people and explicitly point out that there are enough possibilities to use plastic-free and sustainable products even in your own home without much effort.


(1)"Plastic-free and sustainable", we take this literally.

(2)We use only organic raw materials from Germany/Austria and the Netherlands, so we want to guarantee the shortest possible delivery routes to keep the eco-balance as low as possible. When selecting our materials, we pay particular attention to regionality, sustainability, durability and waste-avoiding aspects. From the delivery of raw materials, to processing and packaging, we pay attention to plastic-free alternatives.

(3)Our own photovoltaic system produces for us a large part of our electricity, which we need to manufacture our products. We manufacture all our products by hand in our manufactory in Upper Bavaria.

(4)Every beeswax wrap is cut, coated and packed by hand. Every other product is sewn by hand. In addition to the high-quality materials, the production by hand guarantees multiple quality control and thus the long-lasting quality.


(1)We are especially proud of the zero-waste aspect in our company.

(2)We pay attention to waste prevention, reuse and recycling from the very beginning.

(3)Already in the procurement of raw materials, we attach great importance to plastic-free and sustainable shipping, as well as in the processing of efficient workflows to produce as little waste as possible.

(4)Our product packaging is FSC certified and kept as minimalist as possible.

(5)We do not have any boxes designed or made for us to ship our products, nor do we purchase any extremely rarely, as we collect shipping boxes from nearby stores and reuse them.

(6)All by-products of our production, such as fabric and wax scraps, we process into tiled stove, fireplace and campfire kindling. From larger fabric scraps we sew small lavender pillows.

(7)We get the filling material for our gift boxes from local carpenter's shops, which give us the wood wool dust-free and packed plastic-free.

(8)In 2020, as well as in 2021, our actual "garbage", which we had to dispose of via the residual waste, amounted to one garbage bag each of the filling quantity with 25l !