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Spelt pillow


Our spelt pillows are made of a 100% cotton fabric, which is filled with spelt chaff in various sizes.

Each pillow is handmade in Germany.

Whether for sleeping or as a grain pillow for heat and cold treatment: A spelt pillow can be used in many different ways.

Spelt pillows are an ecological alternative to hot water bottles or pads, are free of plastics and plasticizers and can be produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Spelt pillows cannot be heated or cooled down as extremely heated as the well-known alternatives. This makes them particularly suitable for babies and children. Adults are also at no risks of burns and skin irritation.

Positive effects of warm spelt pillows: it can relieve tension, warms during cramps in the gastrointestinal area or ears. Spelt pillows are also beneficial for limb pain during the cold season.

Positive effects of cold spelt pillows: The spelt pillow has a particularly good effect on bruises or sprains. The pillow adapts easily to the body and is therefore a pleasant support.

Our spelt pillows are filled with spelt chaff. Spelt chaff is the shell of a spelt grain and has the property that it adapts individually to the body at any time. On the other hand, the spelt pillow absorbs the body heat and slowly releases it. The spelt chaff is very breathable.

Heat spelt pillows: To use the warm pillow, it must be heated in the oven or on the heater. It should be in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for ten minutes or put on the heater for some time.

Cool the spelt pillow: The spelt pillow should be placed in an ice compartment, packed in a freezer bag.

The spelt is the only type of grain that resists artificial fertilization. If you want to increase the yield with chemical agents or artificial fertilizers, then the stalks break. Thus, the spelt protects against unnatural interventions.

Our spelt chaff comes from German Demeter Organic certified and controlled cultivation. It is double cleaned and dedusted and thus meets all the high quality criteria for a natural product for daily and night use. Spelt pillows are air permeable and thus provide an ideal air-conditioned sleeping climate. Due to the high elasticity, the spelt straightens up again and again, can always be taken the most comfortable position and thus tensions are avoided.

The strength of the spelt chaff creates a massage effect that has a positive effect on the spine and muscles.


The spelt pillow are extremely careable: shake well daily, airing at the blazing sun (renews the solar energy ), warming up at the tiled stove or in the oven enhances the effects.

Protect against overheating and moisture.


Our spelt pillows are made of a 100% cotton fabric, which is filled with spelt spreu in various sizes.

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