Lavender pillow set of 3

12.90 €

Lavender Fragrance Pillow, set of 3, 100% cotton. Handmade in Germany.


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Our lavender pillows are made of 100% cotton (Öko-Tex Standard). They are pre-washed at 60°C and sewn 1-ply by hand. The lavender flowers are organic. Lavender is considered a medicinal plant, which is said to have particularly positive effects on mental well-being. Lavender contains the active ingredients linalool and linalyl acetate. These essential oils are said to have a particularly positive and calming effect on psychological and physical tension. The essential oils can easily distract them from stressful thoughts, which is especially important for a pleasant sleep. If you put the lavender pillow under your pillow, the essential oils can be helpful in case of restlessness, tension, irritability and sleep problems. The essential oil is said to have a balancing and soothing effect and can also be used as a fragrance cushion for a harmonizing indoor climate. It provides relaxation and tranquility. As a laundry bag you can also hang or put it in the wardrobe and by the fragrance keeps also successfully moths away.


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